Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about The Sleek Belt®

What size do I order?

The Sleek Belt® is designed to meet all your belting needs.

Order based on the typical misses size you purchase pants/ skirts. The Sleek Belt® easily adapts to the various pant rises… from waist to hipline by simply adjusting where you secure the hook material into the loop.

The The Sleek Belt® comes in 8 blended sizes and will adapt to the following belting needs:

Confidently order your typical misses size or go ahead and find your tape measurer and hone in on the size you think will best meet your belting needs.   You will be sleeker and smoother in no time!

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How to wear?

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Why do women LOVE The Sleek Belt®

If you are like me, you hate yanking and tugging your sagging, unbelted pants but also don’t like the bulky belt buckle when you are going for that smooth sleek look!


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YOU WILL LOVE The Sleek Belt® IF …


  • You are fashion conscious and seek a smooth sleek look
  • You find yanking up unbelted pants irritating, frustrating and unattractive
  • You think belts should be easy to secure where you don’t need to see or find the precise hole in which you insert the belt buckle
  • You are looking for a comfortable belt that doesn’t have the bulk of a buckle weighing at your belt line
  • You think that plumbers cracks should be saved for plumbers… and maybe not even saved for them
  • You are allergic to nickel and other metals
  • You see the benefit of an easy off belt where a buckle doesn’t add moments to the time from “needing to go and going”
  • You find the stick out of the placket of pant closures frustratingly similar to an outie bellybutton
  • You think belts should be comfortable in fact shouldn’t even feel like you are wearing one
  • You want to go through TSA airport checkpoints without removing your belt
  • You want to control your belt fit rather than allowing predetermined belt holes to define fit
  • You think elastic and plastic belts with bra strap adjusting mechanisms are difficult, unattractive and embarrassing
What is The Sleek Belt®?

An uncomplicated, smooth closing flat belt, which invisibly, securely and comfortably keeps your pants in place. Available in women’s sizes, using a hook and loop closure, which allows for wearing with a variety of pants, shorts or skirts. Some find it even works to hold up “belt-loopless” leggings!

Made of quality, smooth and comfortable nylon which won’t stretch and sag like those elastic flat belts. The hook and loop closure system provides flexibility for the variation of tightness or looseness that is best for you. The buckleless, smooth fabric is comfortable and yet secure.

Comes in 8 sizes, and with the hook and loop closure system, this belt will work on a wide variety of your belting needs.

You will confidently look and feel your best!

Where can I get The Sleek Belt®?

You can simply purchase it online here on this site

or use our store locator to find a retailer near you.

Still need help?

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