About us


The Sleek Belt® is a creation resulting from a personal frustration with sagging pants and bulky belts. I love fashion and always try to look my best and knew there had to be a better way when it came to keeping pants in place.   I explored other offerings on the market, but found the plastic and elastic, bra style adjusting options unappealing, uncomfortable, hard or a pain to adjust and unattractive.

My husband George and I bring corporate and small business experience to create and deliver quality products that will make customers feel more attractive and comfortable and make us feel proud. Our company, Side by Side*, is a partnership where, working in tandem we create exciting, quality products that makes lives better. It also means our products are great from our side to your side. The * recognizes the sparkle on our belts and in you.

We personally create or supervise the production of each belt. We have sourced or custom created the belt materials, and tapped skilled Minnesota sewing professionals to construct beautiful, quality belts. No belt leaves our office without meeting strict quality standards.

We introduced the women’s The Sleek Belt® in black to see if the market loved the belt a much as we do. With strong positive response, we added a champagne color to our line.  We welcome and appreciate feedback so that we can make the world better, one belt at a time.



Mary Scott Riviere & George Riviere

Creators of The Sleek Belt®


“I had just spent 2 months in Florida and everywhere we went I would look for a belt that would do exactly what this one does. I think it is perfect …. And I am so pleased you found an answer to something I have been looking for”

Gwen S.

“I didn’t wear belts because they were uncomfortable and added bulk. That meant I had sagging pants. Love this belt as it’s super comfortable and no more yanking. Can’t live without my Sleek Belt! ”

Sarah F.

“This is a belt that is not bulky, and is easy to put on and off.”

Linda S.

WHAT IS The Sleek Belt®

If you are like me, you hate yanking and tugging  sagging, unbelted pants but also don’t like the bulky belt buckle when you are going for that smooth sleek look!

The Sleek Belt®> is an uncomplicated, smooth closing, buckle-free, flat belt, which invisibly, securely and comfortably keeps your pants in place.

Available in women’s sizes, using hook and loop closure, which allows for wearing with a variety of pants, shorts or skirts. Some find it even works to hold up “belt-loopless” leggings!

Made of quality, smooth and comfortable nylon which won’t stretch and sag like those elastic flat belts. The hook and loop closure system provides flexibility for the variation of tightness or looseness that is best for you. The buckle-less, smooth fabric is comfortable and yet secure.

Comes in a variety of blended sizes, and with the hook and loop closure system, this belt will work on a wide variety of your belting needs.

You will confidently look and feel your best!