Why do Women Love The Sleek Belt®?

If you are like us, you hate yanking and tugging your sagging, unbelted pants but also don’t like the bulky belt buckle when you are going for that smooth sleek look! Here’s what some Sleek Belt® customers shared and why they love our accessory…

I had just spent two months in Florida and everywhere we went I would look for a belt that would do exactly what this one does. It is perfect … And I am so pleased you found an answer to something I have been looking for.


I could never get a belt to fit right, so I never wore them. Needless to say, I was constantly doing the pant pull and shake. So embarrassing. Now that I have the Sleek Belt, I wear it LITERALLY every day. It makes my jeans fit like a dream. I’ve gone up and down 20lbs with baby weight and my Sleek Belt still fits great! Seriously, The Sleek Belt is the most important accessory in my closet!


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I didn’t wear belts because they were uncomfortable and added bulk. That meant I had sagging pants. Love this belt as it’s super comfortable and no more yanking. I can’t live without my Sleek Belt!


This is a belt that is not bulky, and is easy to put on and off.


I have a bigger waistline, but a small butt and no hips – so naturally finding jeans that fit right is pretty much impossible. I’ve pretty much accepted that I have to wear a belt 98% of the time. BUT, I have a pretty severe nickel allergy so it’s been really hard for me to find belts that don’t irritate my skin. The Sleek Belt not only made it easier for me to not have to pull up my pants every 5 seconds (even with a belt), but I can toss those metal ones that give me a rash. This is the only belt I’ll ever need – I have it in both colors!



Ditch the buckle bulge, the pulling-up-pants-shimmy, and the hassle of foregoing fashion for function - get yourself a  Sleek Belt®! You won't regret it.