When you look for a fashion statement belt, you choose a buckle that adds flair, style, or draws attention to your waistline. This look is really great if you have a flat stomach. And sure, it can help define or create a waistline and can bring balance to your figure. The tucked-in top can look tailored and many of us are envious of those who sport this look.

In addition to being a potential fashion statement, belts have an important job to do. Pants that stay put are more comfortable and look better. Sagging crotches or backsides are far from attractive and less than comfortable. Repeatedly pulling up or shimmying around in sagging pants is annoying and certainly takes away from your style. A belt is an important fashion accessory, whether we like it or not.

The Great Debate, Solved

Many women say they don’t like or wear belts… and for good reason. Traditional belts are often uncomfortable and add bulk. The belt strap can be rigid, cutting into your waist. Belt buckles can poke and cut into your tummy. Lumpy, bumpy buckles protruding through untucked tops are never attractive. And those belt holes can be too loose or too tight – meaning your belt is squeezing you too much or sagging and dragging your pants down. Being a woman is hard!

The Sleek Belt® is a fashion accessory every woman needs in her wardrobe. Made of smooth, sleek nylon, this belt bends and flows with your curves. It’s lightweight and won’t bind or cut. Using a hook and loop closure instead of a bulky buckle, means you feel comfortable and secure in your pants with the perfect tension … all with no bulge and no bulk.

This attractive, smooth material has a slight sheen and lies completely flat. Adorned with a simple, but elegant Swarovski® crystal, this is a belt you can wear and show your style – or hide but feel attractive and confident. No more wearing your “flattest” traditional belt under untucked tops, hoping no one will spot your embarrassing solution to the sagging pants problem.

It sounds like I’m bragging up The Sleek Belt®. But really, I’m just incredibly passionate about helping women feel and look their best. I created this solution to a genuine problem I experienced. I want to share the magic of this simple solution with others. I know this works for me and hope I can help you too!

Buy a Sleek Belt, try it; try the life of never having to yank and pull at your pants. If you don’t love our belt, we will give you your money back!