My daughter and her family live a 4-hour flight away, so I’ve gained a lot of experience in air travel. Flying in a plane, once considered glamorous, now feels more like riding a school bus to an away high school sporting event. Busy, crowded, not all that clean, chaotic, and yet …. It can also be fun. The fun comes from being as ready as possible when navigating the airport and soaring through the skies. TSA screening is a necessary part, but also a serious hassle in regards to air travel. It just is. I find being super prepared helps me navigate this part of the travel adventure.

Prep, Check, Double-Check

If you are blessed with a random TSA precheck, thank your lucky stars. You’ve gained the golden ticket of keeping shoes and jacket on, not having to pull out your micro-sized liquid containers – and that means not digging to find that last lipstick or perfume sample out of your purse. Though even with precheck, it’s a good idea to be prepared and not stumble into needing to a hand-wanding from an agent, or worse – dreaded pat-down.

There’s those travel no-brainers: I always remove my watch and any heavy jewelry, putting them into my purse before I get in line. I make sure my pockets are empty and that water bottle I want to fill up at the gate is empty (which usually means chugging on the way to the airport).

Without gaining random TSA precheck, even more planning is required. Knowing security wants you as stripped down as possible (so to speak), I always plan shoes and jackets that are easy off, easy on. I keep my liquids bag handy in my “personal item” – AKA, the giant bag holding all my travel information, magazines for the flight, iPad, technology charging cables, flight snacks, AND my purse. When I get to the scanning line, I pull out the liquids bag, iPad, and snacks so they are laying together in one bin. Shoes and purse get into another bin, and my jacket (or jackets) go in another bin. If you are wearing a traditional belt, that baby has to go off too! Off and on. Hurry! Getting through TSA Screening is a workout. Plain and simple.

Your New, #1 Travel Hack

The Sleek Belt® is an air travelers BEST FRIEND. With The Sleek Belt® on your side, you can be comfortable without having to remove a built-in ten seconds. With The Sleek Belt®, you can breeze through TSA Security. The buckle-free, metal-free design means the belt has been declared TSA friendly. That leaves one less thing to deal with as you navigate getting to your gate. It also eliminates the embarrassment of sagging pants and showing off your tummy (or rear!) to all the folks in line behind you. With your Sleek Belt, you can confidently strut your way through the screening process.

My husband and I just bit the bullet and went through the process of signing up for TSA Precheck clearance. We invested the $85 for 5 years of shorter waits, an easier screening process, and less hassle. A Sleek Belt? Only $20, and you don’t feel like you have to undress to go through security. So worth it!

The Sleek Belt®